Ventilation Resources for Facility Managers

Now is the time to complete vital classroom ventilation upgrades that can improve your schools indoor air quality and protect students against airborne pathogens, like COVID-19. 

Download Your Checklist for Optimal Unit Performance

Modine HVAC has been trusted for generations to deliver the best indoor air quality in schools. Our quick unit checklist can help you ensure safe IAQ in your school.

An optimized HVAC system is vital during COVID.

Check out these resources to find out why.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

When indoors, ventilation mitigation strategies that improve indoor air quality can help reduce viral particle concentration and reduce the chance of infection.

Indoor air quality can be improved with upgraded HVAC by utilizing controlled ventilation, dehumidification, filtration.

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Airborne Pathogens Affect Health and Safety

COVID spreads via airborne transmission. The CDC advises ensuring “ventilation systems operate properly” as a key consideration for re-opening schools amid the pandemic.

Reducing airborne pathogens will benefit student and staff health beyond the pandemic.

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Does Your School Have A Safe HVAC System?

The US Gov’t Accountability Office report estimated 4 in 10 districts need to update or replace HVAC systems in at least half of their school buildings, affecting roughly 36,000 school buildings nationwide.

How does your school rate?

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News Coverage
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HVAC Updates Offer a Sigh of Relief during the Pandemic

One example of how school districts can put HVAC products to work is Niles Community Schools in Michigan. This school transformed indoor air quality in its classrooms after replacing its aging HVAC systems with Modine products. The 200-plus state-of-the-art systems replaced old units that were more than 6 decades old, according to ABC 57.

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Case Study
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Moisture is Just As Important As Temperature

Without proper moisture control, mold and other mildew growth has the potential to appear, and a variety of health issues are at risk. Through extensive unit and component testing, Modine has ensured that their classroom HVAC equipment will never let a room become a breeding ground for the unwanted byproducts of damp spaces.

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Funding Available for the 2021 School Year

Learn more about federal funds available for ventilation updates to improve your school’s indoor air quality.

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3 Important Aspects of Effective Ventilation

When facility managers are considering upgrades and replacements for existing school systems, there are three important features of effective ventilation technology to know.

Controlled Ventilation

Our ventilation products can allow individual room control, which is a very important benefit when preventing the spread of pathogens.


High levels of MERV rating filters to filter out the pathogens in the air (along with odors, etc.).


Control of the humidity levels in the room for comfort and limitation of pathogen growth.

Modine HVAC Brands

Airedale by Modine

Thousands of schools are already benefiting from our superior commercial HVAC technology. Our Airedale products provide critical benefits when preparing our kids and teachers to return to in-person learning at our schools: Controlled ventilation, Dehumidification, and filtration.

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Atherion by Modine

The Modine dedicated outdoor air unit is the ideal solution to effectively and efficiently meet the challenge of conditioning high volumes of outside air for ventilation, regardless of your geographic location.

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Modine HVAC’s Ventilation Products

Airedale Sentinal Vertical Unit Ventilator

Vertical Unit Ventilators

Whether you have a new school or need to retrofit heating, cooling, and ventilation into your school, Modine School Systems can bring continuous comfort to the classroom. Our vertical packages are designed for greater efficiency, less noise, and easy service and installation.

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under the window unit ventilator

Horizontal Unit Ventilators

The perfect solution for both new construction and replacement of existing units in schools that want to improve air quality of their classrooms. The under the window unit ventilator is an established product up-to-date with an impressive list of features and options.

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Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

The Atherion® Dedicated Outdoor Air System is the ideal solution to bring fresh, tempered outside air into your facility. It effectively and efficiently meets the challenge of conditioning high volumes of outside air, regardless of your geographic location.

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MVP: The Modine View Point

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From single classrooms to campus environments, Modine delivers smart, flexible solutions. Working in schools for over 90 years, Modine is a trusted leader for Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in educational institutions. Modine’s legacy is your leverage. Modine’s innovations, ideas and ingenuity will resolve your school air system quality control and ventilation challenges today – and tomorrow.


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Modine wants every student to do their best everyday – to live, laugh, and learn in comfortable, clean, healthy environments. Air quality is central to that opportunity in our schools – now more than ever.

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